Stark Raving Elvis in a New Edition


Here it is! A new edition of the long-out-of-print cult classic Stark Raving Elvis––the novel that rock critic Ed Ward called, “simultaneously preposterous and profoundly concerned with contemporary American culture and its myths.” That’s a combination I’ll take any day.

Devault-Graves is a Memphis-based publisher that specializes in reprinting American period literature. They’ve put out some classy and discriminating titles and I’m pleased and honored to be in good company. Even moreso as Stark Raving Elvis was chosen (along with That’s All Right Mama by Gerald Duff).




Bill Henderson (William McCranor Henderson) (born 1943, Charlotte, N.C.) is an American author whose writing has explored the mutual influences of popular culture and literature, and the dark side of celebrity. Boston Magazine noted that his work displays “a real feel for the sad, ridiculous squalor in America, the tacky bars and beauty shops and motel swimming pools, the even cheaper dreams of the people who hang out at them. What Henderson does best, though, is transform the seedy into musical prose.” Henderson, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, “has raided the pop-cult pantheon and managed the estimable feat of breathing new life into the theme of adulation and emulation in a fame-happy era.” He is best known for his novels Stark Raving Elvis and I Killed Hemingway…