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Bill Henderson (William McCranor Henderson) is an American author whose writing has explored the mutual influences of popular culture and literature, and the dark side of celebrity. Henderson, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, “has raided the pop-cult pantheon and managed the estimable feat of breathing new life into the theme of adulation and emulation in a fame-happy era.” –Wikipedia

My Mission

My aim is to help novelists get a new take on the basics, by explaining not just how they are are done, but why. I like to share what I know. You might say it’s my way of contributing to the general fund of fiction writing craft and experience I’ve picked up over the years.

Kurt Vonnegut, one of my teachers at Iowa, used to say, “I can’t teach you to be a great writer, but I can save you time.” Looking back on my own personal struggle to figure things out, I think I finally know what he meant. Essentially, I’m able to share craft secrets in a flash, vital but often misunderstood “tips ‘n’ tricks” that took me long hours and untold amounts of labor to learn.

Please Note: I’m on a personal sabbatical to complete two novels and a memoir that have suffered much neglect over the past few years. During this time I hope to bring some interesting new features to this site as well as to my blog, Write a Better Novel, but I will not be taking new clients.