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I Killed Hemingway

“Funny, enthralling, and uncommonly clever.”
–Carl Hiaasen, Washington Post Book World

“Henderson’s demented comic, ribald foray into fiction and fact may alter forever the way we perceive the delicate art of biography.”
–Publishers Weekly

“A hugely entertaining novel of what-ifs.”
–Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Complex, amusing and palpably symbolic.”
–The New York Times Book Review

“A genuine rarity: a work of serious fiction that can entertain… This masterful novel is strongly recommended.”
–LA Reader

“A raucous tale of literary fear and loathing.”
–San Francisco Chronicle

“Henderson takes us on a strange, comical, and mysterious ride through the center of make-believe… A grand farce.”
–Asheville Citizen Times

“A provocative, often hilarious look at celebrity and obsession, truth and myth… The climax is simultaneously pulse-pounding and comic, the perfect finish for this witty, inventive book.”
–Albuquerque Journal

“At once side-splitting and insightful…Displays an impressive firepowerof talent. It offers entertainment, intelligence, and an emotional aim that is sharp and true.”
–Virginia Pilot & Ledger-Star

“A feast of moveable freaks, with the still-beating heart of Hemingway’s legend as its main course.”
–Lawrence Naumoff, Silk Hope

“Funny as it can be, I Killed Hemingway is really about the terror of wasting your life, cutting deals with devils and discovering that make-believe is still the most authentic thing there is.”
–Ralph Lombreglia, Make Me Work

“This believable and fantastic literary thriller–about myth, lost reputations, celebrityhood, TV craziness, and pop psychology (not to speak of Papa, Ezra, and Gertrude)–will hold you until the last gripping and very human page.”
–Clyde Edgerton, Lunch at the Picadilly

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